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TinyLinux is a small Linux Distribution for i386 derived from SuSE 6.4. In the base version it just contains the things which are necessary to run Linux. Therefore the base package is rather small and requires approx. 7MB.

The purpose of this Distribution is to have a small and clear system which can be used as starting point for further developments. Since this is a tiny Linux its use is not limited to desktop systems but is also suitable for embedded systems.

All binaries, directories and configuration files are taken from SuSE. So, if you need a more detailed description refer to www.suse.com (or www.suse.de) or contact me.

For comments, bug reports or suggestions refer to SourceForge or send email to Daniel Etzold.

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TinyLinux 0.0.5a (UMSDOS) released


TinyLinux 0.0.5 (UMSDOS version) released


added "TinyLinux BDK (Bootdisc Development Toolkit"


updated bootdisc.img


Base package 0.0.4 released


INSTALL for base 0.0.3 released


Release of Readme for base 0.0.3


release file description
2001/03/13 TinyLinux 0.0.5a (UMSDOS version) An update of UMSDOS version of TinyLinux.
2001/02/17 TinyLinux 0.0.5 (UMSDOS version) The new version of TinyLinux as UMSDOS version.
2000/12/22 TinyLinux Bootdisc Development Toolkit With this package you are able to create your own bootdisc for TinyLinux with your own kernel. You also have the possibility to create your own root filesystem.
2000/11/07 base-0.0.4
Base package 0.0.4
Changelog filelist
2000/09/28 INSTALL-0.0.3 INSTALL for base package version 0.0.3
2000/09/26 README-0.0.3 README for base 0.0.3
2000/09/02 disc00.img 1.44MB
disc01.img 1.44MB
disc02.img 1.35MB
disc version of base-0.0.3
disc00 = boot/root disc / disc01/02 = base-0.0.3
to copy the images to disc: dd if=disc0x.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k
boot the first disc and follow the instructions... Have fun.
2000/08/21 base-0.0.3.tgz 2.86MB filelist changelog
IP =, hostname = tiny.linux.mun
ssh daemon, ftp client, pico, mount
no root password
hosts.allow: ALL : 192.168.1.
hosts.deny: ALL : ALL
2000/07/12 base-0.0.2.tgz 2.87MB filelist
IP =, hostname = srv1.etzold.mun, ssh daemon
root password: xxx

Coming up soon...

  • some network tools

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